Throughout the years I have used a variety of set-ups...but, the brand of equipment has never changed (minus a few years that I used a custom built drum kit).  Once I started working on a professional level, I felt it important to development relationships with the companies whom products I truly love to play.  So, my arsenal for 25 plus years has been Sonor Drums, Aquarian Drumheads, Ahead Drumsticks, Sabian Cymbals and Gibraltar Rack Systems!  My current set-up has been up and running for the last several years in this configuration and I love it...big drums, big just DOMINATES the stage!

To break it down a's a double bass Sonor Phonic Plus series kit in black wrap.  This kit began life in 1985 and was the first endorsement kit sent to my dear friend Bobby Rock in support of touring efforts for Vinnie Vincent's Invasion's first album and would be featured in Bobby's breakthrough drum instructional video "Metalmorphosis" a few years later.  I took ownership in 2000 and have absolutely enjoyed playing on these big, heavy nasty tubs!  Sizes are:

18 x 24 kick

18 x 24 kick

12 x 12 tom

13 x 13 tom

14 x 14 tom

14 x 14 tom

15 x 15 tom

 7 x 13 Timbale (Old School Toca Percussion)

  8 x 14 snare (Sonor Ferro‑Manganese)

  6 x 14 snare (Ahead Black on Brass)

The Sonor Phonic Plus series is composed of 9-ply Beechwood shells...producing a direct, powerful tone.  As you can see, the toms are all squared sized - something you don't see much on the scene seems that shallower toms are the favorite thing now - but in my opinion...NOTHING compares to the bigger sized toms.  The only drawback to some might be the sheer weight of these drums.  They are physically heavy...bass drum weighing close to 80 lbs by itself!  But, with that kind of meat...these drums can be felt in the next zip code!

The kit is surrounded by Sabian Cymbals...simply the best on the planet!  I began playing Sabian way back in 1987.  Something about their "sound" always attracted me.  Plus, they prove to be the most durable.  My personal set up kind of goes against the norm...I searched high and low for years for my perfect "crash"...could never find one that offered me the explosion and durability I require for the style I play- until one day I had a 20" B8 Pro Medium Ride laying around...threw it up on the stand and start using it as a crash.  I was HOOKED!  The rest of the band were deaf after that first rehearsal - but I never looked backed!  I called Sabian - ordered a bunch of the B8 Pro Medium rides and have been a happy camper since!  So, I normally run 5 to 6 of these on the kit plus the B8 Pro 20" China on either side...mix in the 15" AAX Metal Hi-Hats, a 16" AA Crash...and finally a 22" AA Rock Ride.  I have had the same AA Rock Ride for over 20 years...every single show, session, album...this ride has seen it all.  An amazing instrument that fits in any style of music!  I used this same cymbal configuration on the latest SEVENTH RIZE release "Full Moon" and the cymbals recorded perfectly! I want to thank the crew a Sabian (Chris, Shirlene, etc..) for the continued support over the years...awesome folks!

All hardware (cymbal holders, snare stands, pedals, hi-hat) is the Sonor 600 series.  Sonor has a rich history of producing not only incredible drums...but incredible hardware.  This stuff does not break!  It just keeps going...and going...and going!  Some of the cymbal holders have been in my set for over 10 years!  If you haven't used any of the 600 series hardware, I urge you to try will not regret it!

I utilize a Gibraltar double bass rack system with additional wings to keep this bad boy together...these are heavy drums not normally put on a rack...the drums are simply too big...which is why I used stands for the longest time.  However, in 2010 I decided to give it a shot.  I put the rack together with assistance from Brent at Gibraltar - SEVENTH RIZE was fast approaching some arena dates with Lou Gramm of Foreigner and I really wanted to have a rack system for these shows.  I had used Gibraltar Racks Systems on smaller kits in the past and LOVED, I called Brent up and we went to work.  The finally product has been my foundation for 5 plus years and has never let me down.  I haven't had to replace ONE SINGLE PART in that time frame (including the tom arms that hold the heavy toms in place).  Tons of playing - setting up/breaking down - in and day out these rack systems ROCK!

Moving along, Aquarian Drumheads are featured on all drums!  I first became aware of Aquarian in the early 90's...I tried a set out and knew I was "home"!  On all toms, I use the Response 2 Clear on the batter side and Classic Clear Black on the resonance side.  These 2-ply heads offer outstanding durability along with amazing tone...the perfect tom head!  The kick drums get the Super Kick 2 Clear on the batter and Classic Clear Black on the resonance side.  Again - superb thunder coming from this combo!  The timbale is covered with a Classic Clear.  My snares have the Hi-Energy on the batter and the Classic Clear Snare Side on the resonance.  Again, like the other heads utilized on the kit, the Hi-Energy is perfect for my style of playing.  Tough...offers sensitivity...and sounds great!  A thunderous shout out to my friends Chris, Roy and Jaime for all the support throughout the all are amazing!

Last but not least...I use Ahead Drumsticks...the Tommy Lee Concert series stick.  I love the fact that you can have any number of these sticks in your back...grab one...and they all weigh and feel the same, unlike traditional wood sticks.   They can take a beating and keep on ticking.  I also use the M1 series stick for practice pad work.  In addition to the sticks, Ahead is making AMAZING snare drums!  I have used the 14" Black on Brass snare since 2009 and love it!  Massive volume, subtle ghost hits...this snare covers all the basis! They have many different models - so check them out!  Sending special thanks to Bob and Jeff with Big Bang Distribution for all the support for the last 2 decades!

Center view...

18 x 24 kick

18 x 24 kick

6 x 14 Black on Brass Snare

12 x 12 tom (rack mounted)

13 x 13 tom (rack mounted)

Left side of the kit -

15 x 15 tom (snare stand mounted)

14 x 14 tom (snare stand mounted)

  7 x 13 Timbale

18 x 24 Kick

12 x 12 tom (mounted on rack)


Right side of the kit -

13 x 13 tom (rack mounted)

16 x 16 floor tom

14 x 14 tom (stand mounted)

18 x 18 floor tom